About - Would Jesus Discriminate?

The Would Jesus Discriminate? Campaign is the catalyst for articulating our message helping our churches be more directly involved in acts of justice and compassion, expanding our outreach and access to our message.

In addition, the campaign is designed to:

  • Create a dynamic and safe opportunity for dialogue about homosexuality and the Bible in local neighborhoods, in churches and in the places where neighbors meet;
  • Drive traffic to local and national Metropolitan Community Church web sites for further exploration of the alternative view of scripture regarding homosexuality and the Bible;
  • Resource local MCC churches and other open and affirming churches with high quality materials with which to engage in the dialogue; Invite non-MCCers into local MCC churches for town hall meetings;
  • Energize local MCC congregations in a new and exciting and engaging project in which every member can participate in some way.

The Indianapolis Campaign – WJD?’s Inaugural Launch

The purpose of the launch in Indianapolis was to explore whether public opinion could be influenced by an intense, multifaceted, faith-based campaign in a major metropolitan area. (Approximately 1.5 million people live in the Indianapolis metropolitan statistical area.)

Our Indianapolis Campaign began on May 28, 2006—the day of the Indianapolis 500 Race (the world’s largest single-day sporting event)— and ran for approximately 6 weeks. The Campaign featured the following components:

Four ¾ size newspaper ads similar to those featured on Faith In America’s website (www.faithinamerica.com) appeared in Sunday editions of The Indianapolis Star. (These ads compare current discrimination against LGBT people to past examples of discrimination, such as slavery, voting rights for women, and interracial marriage.)

Twelve billboards proclaiming “Would Jesus Discriminate?” and inviting viewers to a web site discussion of that question at www.jesusmcc.org, www.mccchurch.org and www.faithinamerica.com.

The MCC site also carried a survey and respondents received a DVD with further discussion of the question. Two thousand yard signs (placed by members of the local congregation) featuring the same message.

Twenty thousand door hangers featuring the same message and inviting people to a Town Hall Meeting. A Town Hall Meeting discussing the religious roots of discrimination and what the Bible really says about homosexuality. Rev. Jeff Miner, Senior Pastor of Jesus MCC, Moderator Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Rev. Dr. Cindi Love and Mitchell Gold were members of the panel.


Approximately 400 people attended the Town Hall Meeting. Significant free media coverage that spun off of the foregoing efforts, including local TV news and radio stories and interviews—and a national Associated Press story that appeared in major media across the nation, including the Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Miami Herald, The Christian Broadcasting Network, and the Moody Radio Bible Network. Jim Birkitt, Director of Public Relations for MCC, indicates that the resulting coverage was the highest in MCC history.

To measure impact, a pre-poll was taken on May 24, 2006, and a follow-up poll was taken on August 24, 2006. Both polls were conducted by Public Policy Polling, Raleigh, North Carolina, a professional public opinion research company. Both polls asked the same list of questions (to provide a reliable before/after comparison) and were directed exclusively at self-identifying Christians in Marion Country, Indiana (where Indianapolis is located). In the first poll, 392 adult Christians were surveyed. In the second, 463 adult Christians were surveyed. Results of the post-polling indicate a 16 percent improvement in attitudes toward LGBT people.




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