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Before you start down the Would Jesus Discriminate? Campaign Trail, please note…Ninety percent of the work of the campaign is in preparing the people in your church or organization. Once they are prepared, they will carry the work effortlessly. The level of introspection that evolves as a result of this preparation will positively impact the life of your church in ways that you cannot anticipate, but will appreciate.


Your first and most helpful guide for starting a campaign in your area is the

Would Jesus Discriminate Training Curriculum

Please download and read this curriculum carefully. This curriculum will walk you through the steps of building your core team and training your church to facilitate a community-wide campaign in your area. From choosing the right Campaign Leader to working in your church/organization through hidden issues of racism, sexism, …phobia and other discriminatory topics, this guide will prepare your own group to become Would Jesus Discriminate? Leaders.

You need not spend a lot of time trying to design anything to use for the campaign. We will do all of that for you. Our in-house designer, Joseph Rattan (Email Joe ) will assist you in print-ready image files for bumper stickers, yard signs, t-shirts, even billboards - anything you need to make your campaign work when you’re ready. You may then take the pdf or other image files to your local provider for printing, or place orders through Metropolitan Community Churches’ printers.

You may use your local church logo and name, telephone number and web site or you can use the MCC logo and name, our 1-866-HOPEMCC toll-free number and this web site! We will even provide you with FREE blog space to promote your campaign to the world wide web. Any messages received via telephone will be forwarded to your local area designee.

A note about the Campaign/Workshop Facilitator

This Curriculum is designed for implementation by a local church or organization using volunteers or staff. In most cases, someone on the ministry staff or someone in lay leadership can fulfill the role of workshop facilitator.

The first step is to select a facilitator - that very well may be yourself. The people who successfully complete the workshop and persist in their interest will likely become the core campaign team so
invite everyone to participate, even the unlikely.

Workshop Facilitator Selection

The workshop facilitator does not have to be someone who is currently pastoring or involved in lay leadership. In fact, this is a great opportunity to utilize the skills of someone in the organization who may not be otherwise involved. You should identify a person in your church or organization who is:

• Able to hear strong opinions without responding with judgment or anger

• Comfortable facilitating groups and/or has been an effective classroom teacher

• Someone who is able to listen 80 percent of the time and speak 20 percent and model good active listening skills (can hear an opinion or statement and say, “I hear you saying…”. (reflecting back what is said without judging it))

It is very important for the facilitator to model these skills in order to teach the participants the techniques to use when confronted with negative responses during the campaign.

Final Note

If you wish to begin a campaign in your area, please let us know! We want to be of assistance in any way we can. Though we have provided many campaign materials to help you along and connect campaigns online as best we can, we are always here to offer further guidance and accept your feedback about how we can be more helpful.

Please fill out the form below if you are beginning a campaign in your area:

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We look forward to hearing about your campaign soon!