DFW, Texas Billboards Launched!
September 9, 2009, 3:15 pm
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We are already getting feedback, positive and not-so-positive, about the newly posted billboards in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in Texas!  Emails are coming in supporting this amazing message.  Bloggers are providing us comments for consideration in opposition to our message.

Take a look at this news release from PinkNews in the United Kingdom!  Click Here.

The Dallas billboards are making such news that we’ve gone national!  Please visit MSNBC to offer your positive voices to the many not-so-positive perspectives.  Click Here. And don’t forget to add your voice below!

Dallas Morning News story - click here !

CBS Channel 11 story - click hereWATCH here !

Participate in a Poll on KRLD.com - click here !

Updates on Lone Star Texas News - click here !

EDGE New York Covers the Billboards - click here !

UFMCC Releases the Billboard Launch to the Global Church - click here !

Dallas Coalition Update - January 2009!
February 3, 2009, 11:09 am
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What an historic time we live in! WOW! Look at the diverse group of people coming together to celebrate. AWESOME! Does every one agree? No! Does every one even understand where the other is coming from? No! Yet some very important doors to dialogue have opened.

It is a New Year with a new President in a new era in American politics and it offers new opportunities for us to get our message out! We cannot become complacent because our work is not finished. It is even more important for us to ask "Would Jesus Discriminate?" and engage people in this question. I believe that at this time more people are open to honestly explore this question.

February is Black History Month. This year it will highlight both the achievements and the shortfalls of the civil rights movement more than ever before. We have much to appreciate and learn from the leaders for racial equality. We must continue to ask ourselves the question "Would Jesus Discriminate?" and continue our personal and community work to end racism. At the same time, we raise our voices with spiritual power to say no one is free until we all are free. Indeed the Dream lives on.

As we begin Phase Two of our WJD Campaign in the DFW Metroplex, we are counting on you to be involved and help. Please read the information below and that will come in the weeks that follow. Tell your friends about our fundraising events. Help us sell tickets. As you raise funds, know that you are helping raise billboards that will raise awareness. Volunteer to work at our fundraisers. Wear your T-Shirt. There are many opportunities for you to be involved.

On behalf of the WJD-DFW Coalition, thank you for your support in 2008! Let’s continue the momentum this campaign began and join the momentum of hope and possibility that is sweeping the country this week. Let us commit to the dialogue for a better tomorrow for all of God’s children!

Rev. Colleen Darraugh,
Chair, WJD-DFW Coalition


Wedding & Travel EXPO in May
Pride Events in September & October
More Mall Outings
Provacative Media events
and many more opportunities for dialogue being planned for PHASE TWO in 2009!


Visit our website for news and information. Share this site with your friends who may have questions about the scriptures or want to learn more about MCC and our beliefs.

Do you have questions about the campaign? Contact Pastor Colleen or any of the 5 area MCC church representatives to the WJD-DFW Campaign. Know your church rep! Volunteer to recruit people in your own church to get involved.

Agape - Kris & Deb
Harvest - Kimberly & Sherri
Greater Dallas - Colleen & Deb
Promise - Jon & Leonard
Trinity - Curtis & Dale

Florida - FirstCoast MCC Media Blitz
October 6, 2008, 2:34 pm
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The Florida Coalition enjoyed a media blitz Saturday, 04 October 2008. More pictures to come!

WJD? Curriculum Released!
February 22, 2008, 11:35 am
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WJD Curriculum released to the community for use.

Have questions about…

  • How to campaign?
  • What to do/say/learn?
  • How to prepare your church/organization for WJD?

Announcing the Would Jesus Discriminate? Training Curriculum!  This guide will take your local campaign facilitator through the steps of organizing your campaign AND training your organization to recognize and respond to discrimination.

Find the Would Jesus Discriminate? Curriculum on the Campaign Materials page!



February 21, 2008, 2:21 pm
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New pink logo introduced and released to the community for use!

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Pastor Jay Bakker (Revolution Church), we have a new look for your campaign!  Introducing Would Jesus Discriminate…PINK!


Find the new look on the Campaign Materials page - ready for download!

Thank you, Jay!


WJD? Lenten Study Released!
January 9, 2008, 5:03 pm
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A Would Jesus Discriminate? Lenten Study developed by members of the Florida Coalition was released to churches as a part of the Metropolitan Community Churches Resource ConNEXTion this month!

The Lenten Study has been added to the WJD? Campaign Materials page and is available to all campaign leaders and interested campaignees.  Check it out today!